Photographs are the best medium to store memories. It is also the best medium to actually use modern technologies and techniques towards storing memories. However, to capture a good memory in its entirety, it is important that you capture the very picture perfect moment. But in real life situations capturing a picture perfect shot is next to impossible. There are too many technical aspects that one needs to take care of when clicking a picture. For example, in most cases of capturing wide angle shots using wide angle lens, picture gets distorted. That is to say that whenever you use wide angle lens, some form of distortion is bound to occur if you do not take the greatest care. Camera and lenses are integral part of the whole photography effort thus without these equipment you cannot actually click a picture. Thus it proves to a paradox for many photographers specially amateur photographers.

How can you fix problems of a photograph that have generated due to bad lenses?

Now to help amateur photographers with this whole process many editing software have been developed. Special editing software have been designed by developers to help them in creating a perfect photograph. For example, common problems associated with improper use of lenses are distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, etc. These faults arise from not only the improper use of wide angle lenses but sometimes it is because of improper editing as well. To help amateur photographers in this regard many editing software have created lens correction presets. For example, in case of vignetting, devignetting tools are now available on many platforms. Chromatic aberrations are very significant problem in this regard where chromatic effects are altered.  However, chromatic aberrations can now be fixed by different preset options on different editing software.Another problem in using wide angle lens is the distortion, in which the subject matter looks distorted. Thus,it is important that amateur photographers understand the usage of these technologies. Understanding not only how these presets work, but it is important to understand the effects of these editing software on photographs is also important.

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