The process of automation of the industrial sector is a long standing one. The advantages of automation is known to all, and yet it is not well implemented throughout the board. The major hurdle in implementing modern technologies and automated machines generally comes from the general industrial workers. Their major concern with automation is that if automation is applied in the industries then they will lose their job. It is a fair assumption on some parts but exaggerated beyond a point. There is truth to the fact that automation will result in some job losses. But it is also a fact that new jobs will be created which will fur surpass the number of jobs losses.

This is how industrial robots are helping the industries today:

To understand the effects of automation take the example of Industrial robots (หุ่น ยนต์ อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai). You see it is the industrial robots and machines which are likely to be automated. And these automated robots have three major advantages. Firstly, these robots will work in a cohort manner. It is because they are to be connected with one another through different platforms such as ethernet or iiot technology. This will increase the productivity. Secondly, the machines by use of artificial intelligence will learn how to do the job properly. This will make sure that the quality of products in check. And lastly the industrial robots by machine learning can predict the machines and robots which are likely to develop problems.

The fourth wave of the industrial revolution and its impact on Thailand:

Thailand is a living example where industries are currently going through the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. Almost all industries there are looking to implement and install new technologies. And in this endeavor, industrial solutions firms are helping them by providing logistic support. So if you are in Thailand make sure to get in touch with a reliable Industrial solutions firm.