Blockchain technology, crypto exchanges, wallets, and crypto to fiat service providers are the four pillars that support the cryptocurrency ecosystem. While several blockchain-based platforms, exchanges, and wallets are available, just a few of them allows users to use cryptocurrencies in real-time for everyday tasks. Furthermore, most of these C2F services are constrained by country legislation, bank account limitations, and high transaction fees.

The C2F platform, built by COINOVY, is a solution to all the issues. COINOVY is a next-generation crypto-to-fiat service that allows users to purchase, sell, earn, and swap cryptocurrencies in three simple actions in under 60 seconds. COINOVY is a global trading platform that provides simple, fast, and safe crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto transfers.

Mr Sai Tej Annareddy has worked in this field for the past decade alongside Mr Dhaval, Mr Bhavin, and Mr Kenny. Sai Tej Annareddy founded COINOVY towards the end of 2019, intending to simplify fintech and crypto-to-fiat transactions. The platform aims to provide bank-like functionality to users without bank accounts and move digital assets via traditional ways that are secure and efficient, thanks to cryptography.

Due to EU banking and financial services norms and law, it began in Estonia and took a while to regulate. After that, the journey started, and COINOVY started to be working on 3rd party features for their users, such as payment solutions, banking, liquidity, and security. COINOVY features an IBAN feature, which each registered user receives and can use to apply for a Visa Debit Card, either virtual or physical, as well as Bitgo for security.

COINOVY has ten main characteristics that address the fundamental issues traders face, making it an excellent platform for traders to move their crypto assets freely while still using them for regular activities.

COINOVY meets the needs of an industry with over 270 million consumers by introducing them to the convenience of using crypto assets for everyday transactions. However, because of the industry’s newness, crypto users have difficulty using cryptocurrency for shopping, grocery purchases, and other daily activities.

COINOVY, on the other hand, is addressing these difficulties by providing a comprehensive set of functionalities such as:

  • Crypto Wallet: Users safely store their crypto assets in COINOVY’s wallet, which BitGo protects from cyber-attacks and thefts.
  • COINOVY Visa Card – COINOVY provides VISA cards in either virtual or physical form, depending on the users’ needs. These VISA debit cards can be used at any VISA-accepting business or merchant. Cardholders can also use their VISA card to withdraw money from VISA-enabled ATMs. Basic, Premium, and Business VISA card memberships are available through COINOVY, with varied free fees, credits, spending, and withdrawal limits.
  • Built-in-exchange – COINOVY is an integrated exchange that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies for other currencies and withdraw the traded digital assets to any bank account.
  • Crypto Shop provides a mobile app that allows customers to buy crypto assets directly with fiat money.
  • IBAN – Users will receive a free International Bank Account Number when they join COINOVY, which allows them to deposit, transfer, and make payments easily.
  • Loan – COINOVY customers can borrow up to $5000 with a 1% interest rate by pledging their crypto holdings as collateral.
  • T2C – COINOVY pioneered a feature that allows users to swap their tokens by listing them on the platform, rest comfortable with Bitgo insurance, and take advantage of features like COINOVY’s Debit Card. This tool assists new crypto firms with listing their tokens on COINOVY and assisting token holders in liquidating and using their services.
  • CRYPTO BRIDGE – COINOVY has created a multi-purpose bridge that makes it simple to trade digital assets and data between two blockchains. COINOVY connects the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, allowing value to transfer between the two.
  • PREDICTIONS – To aid customers in making trading decisions, COINOVY employs an AI system to forecast cryptocurrency trends. 90% of the time, predictions made with COINOVY are correct. Traders can also look at the history of forecasts to make more informed trading selections.
  • Staking allows crypto investors who prefer not to participate actively in the system to earn rewards by betting and locking their assets in the design, resulting in a passive revenue stream.
  • These features provide traders with various services to help them make crypto investments and diversify their portfolios. COINOVY is a platform that allows users to manage their physical and digital assets in one place.
  • The platform incorporates all elements into a single platform, making traders’ lives easier by providing a one-stop solution for increasing their profits. Traders no longer need to rely on many media for various objectives because COINOVY has it all.