By searching for transport on the desired route, you have information about the driver. The comfort of the vehicle, preference of the driver as to chatter, the possibility of smoking, presence of animals. For long distances, prefer people who do not load their vehicle to the limit of their capacity the trip will be more comfortable. Look also at the fare and flee the drivers who demand a high price they seek less usability than profitability or profit. If the site has set up an evaluation system between members, check the comments left by previous passengers. The child care software providers are the best options there.

The determination of participation

The fare is a contribution to the cost of gas, tolls, maintenance of the vehicle. You must not profit from it. Otherwise, you would engage in a commercial activity that is liable to unfair competition against taxis. And you would be required to report these gains to the taxman. Participation is calculated automatically when you complete the trip. Otherwise, the site offers a scale so that you can assess itsamount. You are free to decrease or increase the amount. Keep in mind that drivers who offer the most attractive prices find more quickly. With the after school pick up programs this is the most important part that you should play.

Passenger side: you have access, from the wording of the advertisementto the amount requested by the driver for each traveler. This price can be fixed or decreasing depending on the level of the vehicle. If the site offers an indicative price, drivers can modify it. And the differences can be significant. For example, for a Paris-Lyon, while the average range of the course oscillates between 24 $ and 35$, we raised an ad to 41$.

The payment of the journey

For the booking of a passenger to be validated, he must have paid the online service on the site. The actual payment only occurs after the journey (the terms are different depending on the services). Only Free Transport provide a hand payout with the help of the after school pick up service.

Most sites offer an online payment validating the booking with the driver, but the driver will only have the money after the trip has been completedand if it has gone well. In case of problem, immediately contact the site (by email or by phone) to block the payment.

The possibilities of cancellation

It is possible to cancel your booking according to the conditions provided by the site and the limits allowed by the driver. Some require a commitment, others accept withdrawals until the day before. Part of the participation may be retained. If the driver does not show up, you will be refunded. In case of disputes following cancellations or cancellations, the site may play mediators.


Your car insurance, even a third, is enough. If you respect the principle of cost-sharing, the people transported are covered by the civil liability cover in the event of an accident. If you make a profit, transporting can be considered a commercial activity, and the insurer has the right to refuse to cover you.