Recreation through your television sets has been one of the most common forms of entertainment. Though Internet connection today has made entertainment quite different, watching television is one of the things that people won’t get out of their habits. DTH stands for ‘Direct to Home’ and offer customers to choose television channels according to their wish. A satellite dish is placed outside the home, and the signals are received and broadcasted directly to the television. DTH ensures much better quality to customers and allows them to take only the channels of their choice.

Airtel DTH is one of the best choices on the market. Not only is it true that you would be getting the right channels but also amazing customer support. Let us take a quick look at how to do an Airtel DTH recharge.

  1. Browse to the Airtel DTH website – Fire up your laptop and browse the Airtel website. You will find an entire section dedicated particularly to DTH services. You can even find an option for DTH recharge in the Airtel android app. This section contains all the options you need to get a new connection or recharge your DTH subscription. The interface of the application and the websites are quite simple and you would have absolutely no trouble in finding out the right option.
  1. Select the Recharge option on DTH page – On the DTH page, you will find various options to manage your DTH. One of the first things that you can see is the option to get a new DTH connection. You can select your city, the bundle that you want and pay the necessary charges for installation. The monthly rates for DTH from Airtel are quite low. You would also find a sign-in option for the existing customers. You would need to log in to your account for further steps. There is also the option for recharging your account. As you click on it, you would be directed to the next page.
  1. Put in the required details – The next page would ask only one thing from you. When you take an Airtel DTH connection, you register with the help of a mobile number. This page only asks for the registered number with your DTH. As soon as you type the correct number, you would be shown. Otherwise, you could just enter the Customer ID.

As soon as you do that, your account balance would be shown and the subscription charges per month. You would be shown the different offers below available for your connection. You can recharge with any amount between Rs. 500 and Rs. 15000. Once you have put in the amount, you should click on the ‘Recharge’ button.

  1. Select your payment method and proceed accordingly – You will be directed to the payment page. You can choose the ‘Airtel Payments Bank’ wallet or other wallets. You also have the option to pay through Net Banking and Credit or Debit Cards.

Once you are done paying, your DTH account would be recharged and you can continue using the services.